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ὦ μάμμη (Oh Mammy) is the pen name of a young(ish) woman who lives in Edinburgh. A former Jack-of-all-trades and Master-of-none, she spends most of her time juggling her two lovely children ( A and Boo), her long suffering partner in crime (Oh Daddy or OD) and her life. She often over-shares and is a right grumpy git sometimes. She has a penchant for referring to herself in the third person and currently has far too much time on her hands. 

A recurring theme of this blog is my existential blogging crisis. I've written quite a few posts on the politics of blogging, about how I feel about blogging, about what to share and what not to. I spend more time doing this than actually blogging, so please bear with me. 

I started blogging during my many hours of being sat on the couch breastfeeding my second child. Too poor to fork out for Sky TV, too brain dead to pick up a book, I started to write to cope with my sojourn as a stay at home mother, cut off from my usual world of academic banter and needing something to do with my hands other than the dishes/cooking/tickling/hugging. That child is now three and I'm still unemployed/a-lady-of-leisure/stay-at-home-mum. I got caught up in the cult of Mummy blogging by mistake and abandoned my blog when I felt that had outgrown it. I didn't feel comfortable being refined to that genre and I must confess that I've only ever read one or two mummy blogs myself so I was at odds with what I was producing for a while. During the time from my very first post until now, I have grown, evolved, matured and look to the future with a new attitude. I'm now back and trying to evolve this blog into a true representation of my interests and something that might actually spark discussion instead of me boring the arse off one and all with tales of my kids. 

This blog is a representation of my interests which are often diverse and often peculiar. My world is full of wonderful people. Activists, teachers, writers, musicians  politicians  nutters, dreamers, weirdos and kids. I hope someone might actually find it interesting. If not, then a little piece of my life and my world is preserved in cyberspace for all eternity or until Skynet takes over the world and the Terminators kill us all. 
My blog functions as a space for me to share my ramblings, my thoughts and not pimping my blog takes the pressure off of what I write. I have far too many disparate interests, hobbies to focus on one thing so I am afraid there is no overall theme. 

I blog for fun. I am not sponsored nor am I endorsed by a company. I am not paid to do this nor am I seeking compensation. These are my words, my opinions, my feelings. 

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